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2009 NSF Research Experience for Undergraduates at UCR

Our students had a fantastic summer, please see their final presentations!

Information for BRITE 2009 is available.

BRITE scientific and engineering research is based on recent advances in recognizing and exploiting genomic, proteomic, and metabolic patterns in cells. Research emphasis will be conducted with the framework of an emerging field known as BioCellular Engineering. BioCellular Engineering proposes to understand, identify and utilize patterns of cellular organization as expressed in such structures as mitochondria, ribosomes, perioxisomes, and the Golgi apparatus to provide coded instructions or blueprints of biological controls for new generations of bio-machines and bioprocesses. Other related bioengineering problems will also be addressed. BRITE disciplines and departments within this field include Bioengineering, Chemical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, and Chemistry.

Participating NSF REU BRITE students will be researchers. We emphasize the development of a complete set of research skills, which encompasses library searching, literature searches, research design/quality assurance, writing, and speaking. This experience will give BRITE students direct scientific and engineering research in current research topics . enough to understand how to design an experiment, obtain results, and analyze and present those results.

The BRITE Program in Bioengineering provides 16 students the opportunity to do research in fundamental science and engineering. If selected, you will join dozens of other undergraduate researchers on campus for a summer of fun and science.

Program dates are June 15– August 21, 2009. Students will receive a stipend of $4000 for this 10 week program.

Application Deadline: March 2nd, 2009.


Participating Faculty Department Project Title
Bahman Anvari Bioengineering Cell Membrane Electromechanics
Jiayu Liao Bioengineering In Search of the Mechanisms of Sumoylation: Developing Novel Analytical Tools
Dimitrios Morikis Bioengineering Computational modeling of biomolecules using the ribosome as an example
Victor Rodgers Bioengineering Understanding Redox Species in the Mitochondria: Mathematical Insight
Jerome Schultz Bioengineering Monitor Intracellular Concentrations of Metabolites in Real Time
Valentine Vullev Bioengineering Microfluidic Devices for Bacterial Sensing
Hyle Park Bioengineering Biological applications of optical coherence tomography
Wilfred Chen Chemical & Environmental Engineering Emulating the Natural Mechanism for Efficient Cellulose Hydrolysis: Engineering a Mini-Cellulosome on a Yeast Cell Surface
Nosang Myung Chemical & Environmental Engineering Dental Applications of an Integrated EIS/QCM/ISE with See-Through Fluidic Chamber
Sharon Walker Chemical & Environmental Engineering Impact of Metabolic Stress on Bacterial Surface Chemistry
Quan Cheng Chemistry Detection of Biological Agents using Surface Plasmon Resonance Imaging
Cynthia Larive Chemistry Construction of Nanoliter-Volume NMR Microcoil Probes
Bir Bhanu Electrical Engineering Video Observations of Biological Systems

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