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UCR COMNET is a center of excellence at UCR which conducts research and development in the field of Communications and Networks, including Wireless Communications, Optical Communications and Sensor Networks. The applications of this field range from Wireless Personal Devices, to the backbone Optical Fiber Networks, to the battlefield Mobile Ad Hoc Networks. Since 2001, UCR COMNET has received many millions of dollars from government agencies, such as National Science Foundation and Department of Defense, and industrial companies to conduct fundamental research, and has produced numerous Ph.D. graduates who are now employed across the United States of America.

For more information, contact UCR COMNET Coordinator: Yingbo Hua

Faculty Members

Jie Chen (Ph.D., Michigan, 1990)
Professor of Electrical Engineering
Modeling and system identification, robust control, linear multivariable systems
Ilya Dumer (Ph.D., Russian Academy of Science, 1981)
Professor of Electrical Engineering
Error correction coding for reliable transmission and storage
Michalis Faloutsos (Ph.D., Toronto, 1999)
Professor of Computer Science and Engineering
Internet protocols and measurements
Jay Farrell (Ph.D., Notre Dame, 1989)
Professor of Electrical Engineering
Global positioning systems
Yingbo Hua (Ph.D., Syracuse, 1988)
Professor of Electrical Engineering
Sensor arrays, signal processing and wireless communications
Srikanth Krishnamurthy (Ph.D., UC San Diego, 1997)
Professor of Computer Science and Engineering
Ad hoc wireless networks
Ilya Lyubomirsky (Ph.D., MIT, 1999)
Assistant Professor of Electrical Engineering
Fiber-optic and free-space optical communication systems and networks
Mart Molle (Ph.D., UCLA, 1981)
Professor of Computer Science and Engineering
Computer networks, performance evaluation, distributed algorithms
Chinya Ravishankar (Ph.D., Wisconsin, 1987)
Professor of Computer Science and Engineering
Networking, security, databases, distributed systems
Ertem Tuncel (Ph.D., UC Santa Barbara, 2002)
Associate Professor of Electrical Engineering
Distributed data compression algorithms, fundamental limits of compression
Zhengyuan (Daniel) Xu (Ph.D., Stevens Institute of Tech., 1999)
Professor of Electrical Engineering
Signal processing for wireless communications

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