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Bourns Faculty

Our faculty are the college's greatest asset. Chosen for their dedication to research, teaching and student success, they bring to the college more than $400,000 in research funding per person. In 2010-11, BCOE received more than $34 million in research support.

Our faculty hold 65 fellows distinctions in professional associations in their fields, and 25 of them were awarded NSF CAREER and young investigator awards. Two are members of the National Academy of Engineering. Their success in solving important problems are a testament to their dedication to engineering as the discipline that truly "invents the future."

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The Faculty


Bahman Anvari, Professor

Bir Bhanu, Distinguished Professor and Interim Chair

Kaustabh Ghosh, Assistant Professor

William Grover, Assistant Professor

Xiaoping Hu, Chair and Professor

Jiayu Liao, Associate Professor

Huinan Liu, Assistant Professor

Julia Lyubovitsky, Assistant Professor

Dimitrios Morikis, Professor

Jin Nam, Assistant Professor

Victor Rodgers, Professor

Hyle Park, Associate Professor

Jerome Schultz, Distinguished Professor

Valentine Vullev, Associate Professor

Chemical and Environmental Engineering

Akua Asa-Awuku, Associate Professor

Kelley C. Barsanti, Assistant Professor

Harvey Warren Blanch, Professor

David Cocker, Professor

Phillip Christopher, Assistant Professor

Xin Ge, Assistant Professor

Juchen Guo, Assistant Professor

Robert Haddon, Distinguished Professor

David Jassby, Assistant Professor

David Kisailus, Professor

Haizhou Liu, Assistant Professor

Jinyong Liu, Assistant Professor

Monica Martinez, Assistant Professor

Ashok Mulchandani, Distinguished Professor

Nosang Myung, Professor and Department Chair

Joseph Norbeck, Professor Emeritus

Sharon Walker, Professor, Interim Dean, and Associate Dean, Bourns College of Engineering and Student Affairs

Ian Wheeldon, Assistant Professor

Bryan M. Wong, Assistant Professor

Jianzhong Wu, Professor

Charles Wyman, Distinguished Professor

Ruoxue Yan, Assistant Professor

Computer Science and Engineering

Nael Abu-Ghazaleh, Professor

Laxmi Bhuyan, Distinguished Professor 

Philip Brisk, Associate Professor

Jiasi (Jessie) Chen, Assistant Professor

Zizhong (Jeffrey) Chen, Associate Professor

Marek Chrobak, Professor and Department Chair

Michalis Faloutsos, Professor

Rajiv Gupta, Professor

Vagelis Hristidis, Professor

Tao Jiang, Professor

Eamonn Keogh, Professor

Srikanth Krishnamurthy, Professor

Stefano Lonardi, Professor

Mart Molle, Professor

Walid Najjar, Professor

Thomas Payne, Professor Emeritus

Michael Pazzani, Professor

Teodor Przymusinski, Professor, Emeritus

Zhiyun Qian, Assistant Professor

K. K. Ramakrishnan, Professor

Chinya Ravishankar, Professor and Associate Dean of Research and Graduate Education

Craig Schroeder, Assistant Professor

Christian Shelton, Associate Professor

Tamar Shinar, Assistant Professor

Vassilis Tsotras, Professor

Frank Vahid, Professor

Neal Young, Professor

Zhijia Zhao, Assistant Professor

Electrical Engineering

Nael Abu-Ghazaleh, Professor

Muhammad Salman Asif, Assistant Professor

Alexander Balandin, Professor

Matthew Barth, Professor

Gerardo Beni, Professor, Emeritus

Bir Bhanu, Distinguished Professor and Interim Chair, Department of Bioengineering

Ilya Dumer, Professor

Jay Farrell, Professor and Department Chair

Elaine Haberer, Associate Professor

Susan Hackwood, Professor

Yingbo Hua, Professor

Zak M. Kassas, Assistant Professor

Alexander Korotkov, Professor

Roger Lake, Professor

Ping Liang, Associate Professor

Jianlin Liu, Professor

Ming Liu, Assistant Professor

Hamed Mohsenian-Rad, Assistant Professor

Anastasios Mourikis, Associate Professor

Mihri Ozkan, Professor

Shaolei Ren, Assistant Professor

Wei Ren, Professor

Amit Roy-Chowdhury, Professor

Sheldon Tan, Professor

Ertem Tuncel, Professor

Albert Wang, Professor

Daniel Wong, Assistant Professor

Nanpeng (Eric) Yu, Assistant Professor

Qi Zhu, Assistant Professor

Mechanical Engineering

Reza Abbaschian, Distinguished Professor

Guillermo Aguilar, Professor and Department Chair

Sinisa Coh, Assistant Professor

Shane Cybart, Assistant Professor

Elisa Franco, Assistant Professor

Peter Alexander Greaney, Assistant Professor

HeeJung Jung, Associate Professor

Sandeep Kumar, Assistant Professor

Chen Li, Assistant Professor

Lorenzo Mangolini, Assistant Professor

Monica Martinez, Assistant Professor

Suveen Nigel Mathaudhu, Assistant Professor

Cengiz Ozkan, Professor

Fabio Pasqualetti, Assistant Professor

Marko Princevac, Associate Professor

Masaru Rao, Associate Professor

Thomas Stahovich, Professor

Hideaki Tsutsui, Assistant Professor

Kambiz Vafai, Distinguished Professor

Akula Venkatram, Professor

Richard Wilson, Assistant Professor

Guanshui Xu, Professor

Materials Science and Engineering

Reza Abbaschian, Mechanical Engineering

Alexander Balandin, Electrical Engineering

Phillip Christopher, Chemical and Environmental Engineering

Peter Alexander Greaney, Mechanical Engineering

Juchen Guo, Chemical and Environmental Engineering

Robert Haddon, Chemical and Environmental Engineering

Elaine Haberer, Electrical Engineering

David Kisailus, Chemical and Environmental Engineering

Sandeep Kumar, Mechanical Engineering

Roger Lake, Electrical Engineering

Huinan Liu, Bioengineering

Jianlin Liu, Electrical Engineering

Stefano Lonardi, Computer Science and Engineering

Julia Lyubovitsky, Bioengineering

Lorenzo Mangolini, Mechanical Engineering

Suveen Nigel Mathaudhu, Mechanical Engineering

Mart Molle, Computer Science and Engineering

Dimitrios Morikis, Bioengineering

Ashok Mulchandani, Chemical and Environmental Engineering

Nosang Myung, Chemical and Environmental Engineering

Cengiz Ozkan, Mechanical Engineering

Mihri Ozkan, Electrical Engineering

Masaru Rao, Mechanical Engineering

Victor G.J. Rodgers, Bioengineering

Kambiz Vafai, Mechanical Engineering

Valentine Vullev, Bioengineering

Richard Wilson, Mechanical Engineering

Bryan M. Wong, Chemical and Environmental Engineering

Jianzhong Wu, Chemical and Environmental Engineering

Guanshui Xu, Mechanical Engineering

Ruoxue Yan, Chemical and Environmental Engineering

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