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Graduate Admissions and Information

Considering graduate studies in engineering? The Bourns College of Engineering (BCOE) offers M.S. and Ph.D. degrees that are designed to deepen student understanding of fundamental principles and applications in their chosen field of study. The following program links will direct you to information about specific BCOE graduate degree programs.

Applications to all UCR programs are conducted through the Online Application for Graduate Admission. Click on the link to apply!

Program Contacts
Program Staff Contact Faculty Graduate Advisor
Bioengineering Annette Meneses 
(951) 827-4314

Admissions: Victor Rodgers
(951) 827-6241

Enrolled: Hyle Park
(951) 827-5188

Chemical and Environmental Engineering 
(951) 827-2859

Phillip Christopher
(951) 827-7959

Computer Engineering (951) 827-3383  Nael Abu Ghazaleh
(951) 827-2347 
Computer Science and Engineering Vanda Yamaguchi
(951) 827-2903
Vassilis Tsotras
(951) 827-2888 
Electrical and Computer Engineering Kim Claffey
(951) 827-2484

Admissions: Ilya Dumer
(951) 827-2924 

Enrolled: Anastasios Mourikis
(951) 827-6501

Materials Science and Engineering  Lorena Roman

Ludwig Bartels
(951) 827-2041
Mechanical Engineering  Paul Talavera
(951) 827-2115

Suveen Mathaudhu
(951) 827-4414

Lorenzo Mangolini
(951) 827-5872

Masters of Science Online  Kim Love
(951) 827-5196
Kambiz Vafai
(951) 827-2135 

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