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The business informatics degree at Bourns is offered jointly with the Anderson Graduate School of Management. This degree is the perfect background for a career in information management in a corporate setting. It is also excellent preparation for an M.B.A. degree.

Our program is unique in its emphasis on the breadth and depth of technical preparation. Students complete almost the same suite of courses as computer science majors, and augment this preparation with a solid suite of core business courses in areas like management, accounting, finance, marketing, and communications. It would be hard to find a comparable degree elsewhere.

The technical component of the degree includes the principles and design of computers and computer systems, programming techniques, systems analysis and design, networking, databases, and security. This range of preparation produces graduates competent for both managerial as well as technical roles.

Career prospects for business informatics specialists are excellent, and include both technical and managerial positions. Business informatics managers coordinate computer-related activities of a company and oversee the work of programmers and technical staff. Project managers manage technology projects. Network managers are responsible for the administration and maintenance of local area networks. Other career opportunities involve management of databases, web programming, application programming, or system programming.

Business informatics graduates can go on to complete advanced degrees, whether in computer-related fields or in management.

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