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Bionanotechnology and Biosensors Group



2018              Applied Biochemistry and Biotechnology issue marking 61st birthday

2007              Elected Fellow of the American Institute for Medical and Biological Engineering

2003 -            Elected Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science

2015              Pioneer Faculty Award, UCR Bourns College of Engineering

2014              Doctoral Dissertation Mentoring Award, UCR Academic Senate

2008              Excellence in Undergraduate Research Award, UCR Chancellor

1993              Regents Faculty Fellowship, UCR

1993 - 1996   Research Initiation Award, National Science Foundation

1999 - 2000   Faculty Research Participation Award, Department of Energy

2013 – 2014  COR Fellowship, UCR Academic Senate

2003 - 2015   Editor-in-Chief, Applied Biochemistry and Biotechnology

2015 -            Associate Editor, Frontiers in Chemistry – Analytical Chemistry

2018 -            Review Editor, Frontiers in Chemistry – Nanoscience

2009-2013     Member of NIH Instrumentation and Systems Development Study Section

2013 -            International Member, Advisory/Monitoring Committee for the Council of Scientific & Industrial Research-National Environmental Engineering Research Institute, Nagpur, India, XII Five year plan project on Waste to Biofuels (W2B)

2006 -            Editorial Board, Open Access Journal of Biotechnology

2007-            Editorial Board, Recent Patents in Biotechnology

2007-            Editorial Board, Journal of Bionanoscience

2008 –           Editorial Board, Molecular Devices: Evidence and Research

2010 -            Editorial Board, Journal of Nanomedicine & Nanotechnology

2010 -            Editorial Board, Biosensors

2010 -            Editorial Board, Frontiers in Microbial Ecotoxicology and Bioremediation

2011 -            Editorial Board,  International Journal of Industrial Biotechnology

1995 – 2000  Editorial Board, Molecular Biotechnology

2006              Subba Rau Lecturer, National Institute of Technology, Surathkal, India, Jan. 2007

2010              Plenary Speaker, Joint conference of the International Society of Exposure Science and Environmental Epidemiology, Seoul, Korea

2007              Plenary Speaker, International Conference on Microwaves and Optoelectronics, Aurangabad, India, Dec. 2007

2006              Plenary Speaker, Workshop on Bioprocess Monitoring, Hyderabad, India, Dec. 2006

2003              Plenary Speaker, International Workshop on Biosensors, Mysore, India, August 2003.

2005              Plenary Speaker, 2nd International Symposium on Pesticides and Environmental Safety, Beijing, China, September 14-17, 2005.

1998              Keynote Speaker, 48th Canadian Chemical Engineering Society, London, Ontario, October 4-7, 1998.

2002              Keynote Paper, 7th World Congress on Biosensors, Kyoto, Japan, May, 2002

2005              Keynote Speaker, 3rd International Symposium on Sensors Sciences, Germany, July 17-20, 2005

2006              Keynote Speaker, Gordon Conference on Bioelectrochemistry, Aussios, France, Sept. 5-9, 2006

2007              Keynote Speaker, New Horizons in Biotechnology, Trivandrum, India, Nov. 2007

2007              Keynote Speaker, International Conference on nanotechnology for forest product industry, Knoxville, TN, Jun. 2007

2008              Keynote Speaker, 12th Asian Pacific Confederation of Chemical Engineers conference, Dalian, China, Aug., 2008

2008              Keynote Paper, 10th World Congress on Biosensors, Shanghai, China, May 2008

2009              Keynote Speaker, Indo-Japan Workshop on Bioelectronics, New Delhi, India, Dec. 2009

2010              Keynote Paper, 11th World Congress on Biosensors, Glasgow, UK, May, 2010

2010              Keynote Speaker, International Conference on Biomass and Energy Technologies, Beijing, China, Aug. 2010

2011              Keynote Speaker, Indo-Swiss Collaboration in Biotechnology, New Delhi, India, March 2011

2011              Keynote Lecture, International Workshop on BioMEMS, Bangalore, India, Jul. 2011

2013              Keynote Speaker, Cleanup 2013, 5th International Contaminated Site Remediation Conference, Melbourne, Australia, Sept. 2013.

2014            Keynote Speaker, The 10th International Symposium on Advanced Environmental Monitoring and Modeling, Berkeley, CA, August 2014

2015             Keynote Speaker, Pacifichem 2015, Honolulu, HI


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