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Parawee Pumwongpitak



Parawee is a fourth year student in MSE program. She is currently researching bio-inspired Lithium Iron Phosphate for cathode materials in Lithium ion batteries. Her work include synthesis using solution method, characterization, and battery testing for electrochemical performance. She likes to spend time for cooking, reading, and traveling when she has free time from the lab.


Nature uses controlled processing to achieve remarkable properties from a limited set of starting materials. Biologically mineralized structures, like the nacreous layer of an abalone shell, demonstrate the ability to control size, morphology, crystallinity, phase, and orientation of mineral under benign processing conditions (i.e., near-neutral pH, room temperature, etc.). They utilize organic-inorganic interactions and carefully controlled microenvironments that enable kinetic control during the synthesis of inorganic structures

Here, we are synthesizing lithium ion cathodes such as Li(NiCoMn)1/3O2 and LiFePO4 using bio-inspired solution routes. By manipulation of interactions between ions, nuclei and crystals, we are tuning the morphology and particle sizes of these nanomaterials with exceptional electrochemical performance, extended cycle life, increased capacity, conductivity, etc.

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