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Hongjie Tang



Hongjie Tang received his PhD in material science from Institute of Process Engineering, Chinese Academy of Science in 2015, where his work focused on design and synthesis of two-dimensional nano-composites for advanced energy conversion and storage. After that he joined the Kisailus lab at June. 2015 as a postdoctoral researcher to construct multifunctional composite materials and exploit their applications in energy and environmental areas. Besides the experimental work, he also enjoys traveling, reading and outdoor activities in his spare time.


Nature can produce elegant structures at room temperature through controlled organic-mineral interactions. Based on inspiration from Nature, We are trying to use bio-inspired methods/biomimetic to rationally design and synthesize highly complex nanostructures with precisely controlled chemical composition, structural morphology and physical dimension with novel chemical, optical, electronic and magnetic properties and explore their applications in efficient energy and environmental areas, including water purification, photocatalysis, lithium batteries, fuel cells and so on.

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