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The study of atmospheric fine particulate matter (defined as particles having an aerodynamic diameter of 2.5 mm or less) is of critical importance to both the scientific community as well as society at large, due to several studies indicating its role in increased morbidity and mortality for people living in urban areas. Our research group has adopted the following multidimensional approach towards acquiring a greater understanding of atmospheric fine particulate matter.


  1. Estimation and prediction of secondary aerosol formation, which has been attributed to greater than 50% of fine particulate matter.
  2. Emission source characterization for a number of important, but undefined, sources.
  3. Field studies to estimate the contributions of various sources to air quality in an area.
  4. Investigation of the health effects of diesel exhaust particulate matter.


All of these dimensions include both a laboratory and a field component. The advantage of a combined research program is that it allows us to address these important scientific and societal issues in a holistic manner.





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