5.08.2014 In collaboration with Mark Blenner at Clemson, the Wheeldon lab receives an NSF award from the CBET BBBE program: Intracellular localization of biosynthetic pathways for conversion of lipids to dicarboxylic acids in oleaginous yeast

1.10.2014 Congratulations to Aaron Lin and Leidy Palomec, their Perspective article in ACS Catalysis was accepted.

1.10.2014 Happy New Year to our new lab members: Aaron Toop and Ann-Kathrin Loebs!

8.28.2013 Our editorial in Biofuels about engineering multi-enzyme pathways is now online.

7.1.2013 Dr. Yingning Gao joins the lab as a post doctoral fellow. Welcome Yingning!

2.19.2013 Aaron Lin publishes a letter in ACS Catalysis.

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We are interested in developing protein engineering technologies to address current challenges in biocatalysis, metabolic engineering, and biological materials.

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