Homepage of Javier E. Garay

Associate Professor

University of California, Riverside

The goal of this laboratory is to design and produce materials with novel and advanced properties to meet current and future technological needs. Materials are essential for the development of new technologies and are used by all disciplines of engineers and scientists.


Group News:

  • Alex Dupuy received 'Honorable Mention' for NSF's prestigious GRFP fellowship. Congratulations Alex!

  • Andrew Wieg earned his Masters degree in Mech. Eng. in December 2009. Andrew will continue on in AMPS Lab as a PhD student.  Congratulations Andrew!

  • Jason Morales is the recipient of an International Center for Materials Research (ICMR) International Research Fellowship. Jason received a $5,000 award for having won a best poster competition while at the Spring School on Thermal Conductivity and Related Transport Properties of Oxides hosted by the ICMR at the University of Florida May 18-22, 2009. Congratulations Jason!

  • Elias Penilla received a Graduate Research Mentorship Fellowship from UCR graduate studies. Congratulations Elias!