• ME 1A Introduction to Mechanical Engineering

    • Required undergraduate course.
  • ME 170A Experimental Techniques
    • Required undergraduate course. Significant Laboratory portion
    • Topics Include:
      • Uncertainty analysis.
      • Data acquisition/Signal conditioning.
  • ME 278 Imperfections in solids

    • Graduate technical elective
    • Topics Covered:
    • Review of Bonding and Crystal Structure:
      • Metallic, ionic and covalent bonds
    • 14 Bravais lattices
    • Ordered/Disordered Structures
    • Other important structures: Carbon nanotubes (multiwalled, single walled), Bucky Balls, Quasi crystals, Amorphous structures.
    • Point Defects (zero dimension defects):
      • Introduction to point defects—vacancies, interstitials and their relation to material properties
      • Point defect equilibria
      • Pont defect generation
      • Point defect migration—application to solid state mass transfer
    • Dislocations (1 dimensional defects):
      • Introduction to dislocations and their relation to mechanical properties
      • Dislocation generation
      • Dislocation motion (dislocation glide, climb)
    • Grain Boundaries and microvoids (2 dimensional defects):
      • Grain boundary structures
    • Nano-grained materials and their interesting properties
    • Experimental techniques for defect studies
      • Scanning electron microscopy (SEM)
      • Transmission electron microscopy (TEM)
      • Positron annihilation spectroscopy (PAS)
      • Electric resistivity measurements
      • Length dilation techniques