AMPS Lab Group

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Project Scientist


Dr. Yasuhiro Kodera

Project Scientist


Postdoctoral researchers

Dr. Jason Morales

Visiting Researcher

Research Topic(s): Magnetic nanocomposite processing, Magnetic properties of oxides.


Jason Morales

Graduate Students:

Joseph Alaniz

PhD Student

Research Topic(s): Processing of thermoelectric materials


Andrew Wieg

PhD Student

Research Topic(s):

Development of rare earth doped nitride ceramics

Andrew Weig
Elias Penilla

PhD student

Research Topic(s):  Processing of photo- luminescent, transparent ceramics.  Optical Characterization of materials.

Alexander Dupuy

PhD Student

Research Topic(s):

Fundamental densification investigations in the CAPAD process.


Corey Hardin

PhD student

Research Topic(s):

Development of transparent ceramics for laser applications

 Experimental apparatus design.

Anthony Fong

PhD Student

Research Topic(s)

Development of ultra-high temperature energy  storage materials


Aleksey Volodchenkov

PhD Student

Research Topic(s):

Processing of magnetic nanocomposites


Neal Cheney

MS student

Research Topic(s):

Thin film deposition


Meir Shachar

PhD Student

Research Topic(s):

Coupled properties in oxide nanocomposites


Andy Salazar

PhD Student

Research Topic(s):

Properties of high temperature energy storage materials

Kyle Chan

MS Student

Synthesis of nanostructured magnetic powder




Robert Smith
Rafael Quevedo

Alex Baker

Martin Manuel




Former Members:

Dr. Said Robles-Casolco

Postdoctoral Fellow

(Now on the faculty at the Tecnologico de Monterrey, Mexico)

Jin Xu, M.S. 2007

(Now at Applied Materials, CA)

Gus Dominguez,


Research Topic(s):

Processing of nano-crystalline zirconia.

Now at Goodrich Aerospace

Dr. Sohana Tanju

PhD, 2012

Research Topic(s): Effects of nanoscale grain size on grain boundaries, Interfaces in nanocrystalline materials. Transmission Electron Microscopy (TEM)

Now at Metallurgical Engineering Inc. Portland, OR

Sohana Zaman
Candice Vance, B.S. 2010
Payam Goshtasbi, B.S. 2011

Research Topic(s):

Thermal Energy Storage Materials


Daniel Morton

Research Topic(s):

Thermal energy storage materials


Manjot Singh, B.S. 2010


Sayoko Inoue

(Ryukoku University, Japan)