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  Instrument Quantity Application
1. Sonic Anemometer 3D CSAT3 Campbell Sci 3 Fast wind and virtual temperature measurements- turbulent fluxes
2. Net Radiometer CNR1 Kipp & Zonen 1 Solar and far infrared radiation
3. Krypton Hygrometer KH20 1 Water vapor fluctuations latent heat flux
4. Aerosol Monitor DUSTTRAK 8520
 TSI Inc. with environmental enclosures 8520-1
2 Particulate matter (PM2.5, PM10 and PM1) concentration
5. Temperature and RH probe
 HMP45C-L Vaisala
1 Air Temperature and relative humidity
6. Infra-red thermocouple IRTS-P Apogee 1 Surface temperature
7. Data logger CR5000 Campbell Sci 2 Data logging fast response
8. Data logger CR23 Campbell Sci 1 Data logging
9. Averaging soil thermocouple probe TCAV-L 1 Averaged soil temperature
10. Soil heat flux plate HFP01SC-L Hukseflux 1 Soil heat flux bottom boundary
11. Water content reflectometer
1 Soil water content
12. 10 m Tower UT20 Universal Tower 2 Equipment mounting up to 10 m
13. 3 m Tripod CM10 2 Equipment mounting up to 3 m
14. Solar panel MSX128R 128W regulated 2 Solar power, battery recharging
15. Miscellaneous Laptop (2), GPS (Garmin 76), Compass (Brunton Transit 2061), Environmental enclosures (2 ENC 16/18 Campbell Sci), radiation shield (41003 RM Young), radio controlled clock, extension cords, tool box, power converter, deep cycle batteries, battery charger    
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