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11.29.2011: Dan (now pursuing doctoral studies at UC Davis ME) awarded NSF Graduate Research Fellowship!

11.14.2011: Prof. Rao presents at the ASM West / MATSCI Symposium on Biomaterials, Medical Devices, and Tools.

10.12.2011: The BML’s efforts in neural prosthetic interface device development highlighted in UCR Magazine article, “Unlocking the Powerful Mysteries of the Mind.” Link

BML goes to ASME 2011 6th Frontiers in Biomedical Devices Conference
- Omid presents his work on Ti microneedles.
- Shannon presents her work on Ti stents.

6.23.2011: Fady Hanna (Stanford ME Undergrad) joins the BML for the Summer.

6.13.2011: Dan graduates with UCR BS ME and will enter UC Davis ME PhD program this Fall.

6.10.2011: Prof. Rao awarded UCR Regents’ Faculty Fellowship for development of microneedle devices for ocular drug delivery.

6.01.2011: Prof. Rao presents invited seminar for UCR Department of Bioengineering Colloqium.

5.06.2011: Pat’s paper entitled “Simultaneous recording of rat auditory cortex and thalamus via a titanium-based, microfabricated, multi-nucleus, microelectrode device" published in Journal of Neural Engineering.

4.05.2011: Gabrielle awarded NSF Graduate Research Fellowship and Dan receives an Honorable Mention! Link, Link

Dan selected for California Space Grant Consortium Undergraduate Research Program for Spring 2011. Link

3.01.2011: Pat’s paper entitled “Robust penetrating microelectrodes for neural interfaces realized by titanium micromachining" published in Biomedical Microdevices.

1.03.2011: Gabrielle Goodman (BS BIEN, UCR) joins the BML.

11.20.2010: Dan presents his Ti anodic bonding work at the 2010 Southern California Conf. for Undergrad. Research.

9.20.2010: Prof. Rao presents at the ASME 2010 5th Frontiers in Biomedical Devices Conference.

8.27.2010: Dan presents his Ti anodic bonding work at the UCR CCRAA Undergrad. Summer Bridge Program Symp.

8.12.2010: Dan presents his Ti anodic bonding work at the 22nd Annual UCR Summer Research Symposium.

7.31.2010: Prof. Rao presents at the UCR Latinos in Science Summer Camp 2010.

7.26.2010: Dan’s research mentioned in AAAS EurekAlert! - Science News, R&D Magazine Online, Medical News Today, & NewsRx articles about UCR CCRAA Undergraduate Summer Bridge program.

6.23.2010: Pat presents his Ti-based neuroprostheses work at the 39th Neural Interfaces Conference.

6.06.2010: Cara presents her MEMS-based drug reservoir work at Hilton Head 2010.

6.05.2010: Picture of Clara featured in Riverside Press-Enterprise article on UCR CNSE research. Link

Titanium deep etch patent application featured in MEMS Investor Weekly Newsletter.

5.28.2010: Nanopatterned stent project featured in invited presentation at ASAIO 56th Annual Conference by Prof. Robert Keynton, Chair, Professor, & Lutz Endowed Chair of Biomechanical Devices, Department of Bioengineering, University of Louisville.

4.05.2010: Shannon awarded NSF Graduate Research Fellowship!

3.23.2010: Prof. Rao awarded patent for “3-D metal microfabrication process and devices produced thereby” (U.S. Patent No. 7,682,956).

1.20.2010: Prof. Rao awarded NIH grant entitled “Ultrahigh throughput cellular manipulation via massively parallel microinjection” in collaboration with Prof. CB Ballas, Indiana University School of Medicine, Division of Hematology/Oncology.

10.9.2009: Louis Balderrama (UCR ME Undergrad) joins the BML.

9.24.2009: Daniel Stark (UCR ME Undergrad) joins the BML.

9.24.2009: Shannon Gott (BS ME, Walla Walla University) & Omid Khandan (BS ME, UC Davis) join the BML.

9.08.2009: Clara passes her Qualifying Exam!

9.02.2009: Pat presents his Ti-based neuroprostheses work at the 31st IEEE EMBC.

6.16.2009: Heather Salvador (UCR ME Undergrad) joins the BML.

5.28.2009: Prof. Rao presents Keynote Talk at the 4th UC Riverside Mechanical Engineering Graduate Symposium.

4.24.2009: Prof. Rao presents at the UC Riverside Mechanical Engineering Board of Advisors Meeting.

3.30.2009: Yanyan (Clara) Zhang (MS ME, UCR; BS ME, Zhejiang University) joins the BML.

1.06.2009: Prof. Rao moves from Purdue University and establishes the Biomedical Microdevices Laboratory at UCR.

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