Current Teaching

  • Fall 2017

    MSE 250/251 and

    ME 261 Theory of Elasticity

    Introduction to tensors, strain, equations of motion, and constitutive equations. Topics include typical boundary value problems of classical elasticity, problems of plane strain and plane stress, and variational principles.


Teaching History

  • F 2015

    ME 270 Introduction to Microelectromechanical systems

     Topics include micromachining processes; material properties; transduction; applications in mechanical, thermal, optical, radiation, and biological sensors and actuators; microfluidic devices; Bio-MEMS and applications; packaging and reliability concepts; and metrology techniques for MEMS.

  • S 2017 S 2016 S 2015 S 2014S 2013
  • ME 278 Imperfections in Solids

     Fundamentals of crystal structures and crystal defects, including the generation of point defects; nucleation and propagation of dislocations; perfect and partial dislocations; twins, stacking faults.

  • S 2014F 2013

    ME 122 Vibrations

    Free and forced vibration of discrete systems with and without damping resonance; matrix methods for multiple degree-of-freedom systems; normal modes, coupling, and normal coordinates.

  • W 2017 W 2016 W 2015W 2014W 2013

    ME 110 Mechanics of Materials

    Mechanics of deformable bodies subjected to axial, torsional, shear, and bending loads; combined stresses; and their applications to the design of structures.