Journal of Porous Media

Volume 7, Number 2



Compositional Variation Considering Diffusion and Convection for a Binary Mixture in a Porous Medium

D. Faruque, M.Z. Saghir, M. Chacha, and K. Ghorayeb


A Numerical Investigation of Catalytic Oxidation of Very Lean Methane-Air Mixtures within a Packed-Bed Reactor

L.B. Younis and I. Wierzba

Seepage-Induced Consolidation in Permeability Measurements for Fibroporous Media-A Finite-Element Investigation
Clayton J. Adam and Jeffery G. Loughran


On the Prediction of Darcy Permeability in Nonisotropic Periodic Two-Dimensional Porous Media

Mouaouia Firdaouss and J. Prieur Duplessis


Water Vapor Transfer through Textile under a Temperature and Humidity Gradient

Nada Nefzi, Moez Jouini, and Sassi Ben Nasrallah

Heat and Mass Dispersion in Flows through Porous Media
Affonso Silva Telles, Jose Teixeira, and Giulio Massarani