Journal of Porous Media

Volume 14, Number 10


Is the Porous Medium Approach Applicable to Phenomena of Transport in Biological Systems?

J. Bear


Influence of Heat Transfer and Variable Viscosity in Vertical Porous Annulus with Peristalsis

S. Nadeem & N.S. Akbar


Combined Radiation and Natural Convection within an Open-Ended Porous Channel- Validity of the Rosseland Approximation

A. Jbara, K. Slimi, & A. Mhimid


Adequacy of Finite Element Models to Simulate Advective-Dispersive Transport Coupled with Intra-Particle Diffusion

M.A. Hossain


Steady Mixed Convection Flow in a Lid-Driven Square Enclosure Filled with a Non- Darcy Fluid-Saturated Porous Medium with Internal Heat Generation

M. Kumari & G. Nath




Development of Premixed Burner Based on Stabilized Combustion within Discrete

Porous Medium

M.A. Mujeebu, M.Z. Abdullah, M.Z. Abu Bakar, & A.A. Mohamad


On the Effective Thermal Conductivity of Porous Packed Beds with Uniform Spherical Particles

M. Kandula


Series Solution for the Radiation-Conduction Interaction on Unsteady MHD Flow

I. Ahmad, T. Javed, T. Hayat, & M. Sajid


Condition for Neglecting Upstream Conditions when Simulating Flow in Granular Beds

M. Firdaouss & M. Pons