Journal of Porous Media

Volume 10, Number 2



Analyzing Finite Volume for Single Phase Flow in Porous Media

S. J. Khattri


Multigrid Solution of Modified Reynolds Equation Incorporating Poroelsticity and Couple Stresses

N. M. Bujurke and R. B. Kudenatti


Experimental Evaluation of Evaporation Enhancement with Porous Media in Liquid-Fueled Burners
C. Periasamy, S. K. Sankara-Chinthamony, and S. R. Gollahalli


A Numerical Investigation of the Effects of Compositional and Thermal Buoyancy on Transient Plumes in a Porous Layer

J. E. Milne and S. L. Butler


Thermal Modulation of Rayleigh-Benard Convection in Sparsely Packed Porous Medium

B. S. Bhadauria


Effective Emissivity Measurements of Powders and their Mixtures

F. Albouchi, F. Mzali, F. Rigollet, and S. B. Nasrallah


Technical Notes:

Non-Darcian Forced Convection Heat Transfer over a Flat Plate in a Porous Medium with Variable Viscosity and

Variable Prandtl Number

A. Pantokratoras


Effect of Radiation on Non-Darcy Free Convection from a Vertical Cylinder Embedded in a Fluid-Saturated

Porous Medium with a Temperature-Dependent Viscosity

M. A. El-Hakiem and A. M. Rashad