Journal of Porous Media

Volume 10, Number 3



Dispersion in Porous Media with and without a Reaction - A Review

N. Rudraiah, Chiu-On Ng


Heat Transfer Enhancement in a Composite Parallel Plate Channel Utilizing Low Reynolds Number k-epsilon Model

A. A. Saati, A. A. Mohamad


Entropy Generation for Thermal Non-Equilibrium Natural Convection with Non-Darcy of Evaporation

Enhancement with Porous Media in Liquid-Fueled Burners
A. Cihat Baytas


Experimental Study of Natural Convective Mass Transfer From Downward Pointing Conical Surfaces in a Porous Medium

S. U. Rahman, K. A. Mahgoub, A. Nafees


Experimental Investigations into Concentration Dependent Chloride Diffusivity in Glass Beads and Fine Sand

K. Prabhakaran Nair, A. Praveen, S. Chandrakaran


Technical Notes:

Blowing/Suction Effects on Hydromagnetic Simultaneous Heat and Mass Transfer by Natural Convection from a Vertical

Cylinder Embedded in a Thermally Stratified Porous Medium

M. Abd--El Aziz


Thermally Developing Forced Convection Inside Parallel-Plate Channel Filled with Non-Darcy Porous Medium

A. Misirlioglu


On the Effectiveness of Porosity on Unsteady Flow and Heat Transfer Between Parallel Porous Plates with Exponential

Decaying Pressure Gradient

H. A. Attia