Journal of Porous Media

Volume 10, Number 4



Heat and Mass Transports in a One-Dimensional Porous Wick Driven by a Gas Phase Diffusion Flame

M. P. Raju, J. S. T'ien


Inertial Effects on Rotating Flow in a Porous Layer

D. N. Riahi


New Viscous Fingering Mechanisms at High Viscosity-Ratio and Peclet Number Miscible Displacements
M. N. Islam, J. Azaiez


Reactive Contaminant Transport with Space-Dependent Dispersion and Time-Dependent Concentration Source

J. Al-Humoud, A. J. Chamkha


Technical Notes:

Exact Solution for the Magnetohydrodynamic Flows of an Oldroyd-B Fluid through a Porous Medium

M. Khan, S. B. Khan, T. Hayat


Certain Inverse Solutions of a Second Grade Magnetohydrodynamic Aligned Fluid Flow in a Porous Medium

S. Islam, C. Y. Zhou


Fully-Developed Forced Convection of Three Fluids with Variable Thermophysical Properties Flowing through a

Porous Medium Channel Heated Asymmetrically with Large Temperature Differences

A. Pantokratoras