Journal of Porous Media

Volume 10, Number 8



The Effect of Capillary Forces in a Porous Electrode on Output Current Voltage Characteristics of Fuel Cell with Polymer Proton Exchange Membrane

V. E. Nakoryakov and V. G. Gasenko


Elastic Waves at Porous/Porous Elastic Half-Spaces Saturated by Two Immiscible Fluids

A. Arora and S. K. Tomar


Simulating Subsurface Temperature Under Variable Recharge

A. K. Keshari and M.-H. Koo


Soret Effect on Double-Diffusive Boundary Layer Flows in a Vertical Porous Cavity

M. El-Raki, M. Hasnaoui, A. Amahmid, M. Mamou, and M. Bourich


Influence of a Partial Slip on Flow of a Second Grade Fluid in a Porous Medium

T. Hayat, S. Asghar, C. M. Khalique, and R. Ellahi


Influence of Hall Current on Rotating Flow of a Third Grade Fluid in a Porous Medium

T. Hayat, T. Javed, and M. Sajid


Technical Note:

Nonlinear Convection in a Sparsely Packed Porous Medium due to Compositional and Thermal Buoyancy

S. G. Tagare and A. A. B. Babu