Journal of Porous Media

Volume 11, Number 2



Some Fundamental Observations on the Diesel Jet Destruction and Spatial Distribution in Highly Porous Structures

M. Weclas


Conjugate Heat Transfer Analysis of the Film Condensation on a Vertical Fin Immersed in a Porous Medium

O. Bautista, F. Mendez, and J. Lizardi


Finite Element Simulations of Natural Convection in a Right-Angle Triangular Enclosure Filled with a Porous Medium: Effects of Various Thermal Boundary Conditions

T. Basak, S. Roy, and C. Thirumalesha


Effect of Density Maximum of Water on Natural Convection in a Porous Cavity

M. Eswaramurthi, P. Kandaswamy, and J. Lee


Potential Flow Past a Slightly Deformed Porous Circular Cylinder Embedded in a Porous Bed

G. P. R. Sekhar and A. Bhattacharyya



Technical Notes:

Mixed Convection of a Viscous Dissipative Fluid about a Vertical Flat Plate Embedded in a Porous Medium: Constant Heat Flux Case

O. Aydin and A. Kaya


Nonsimilar Solutions for Heat and Mass Transfer Flow in an Electrically Conducting Viscoelastic Fluid over a Stretching Sheet Saturated in a Porous Medium with Suction/Blowing

K. Rajagopal, P. H. Veena, and V. K. Pravin