Journal of Porous Media

Volume 11, Number 3



Study of Liquid Distribution during Capillary Rise in Fabrics Using an Electrical Resistivity Technique: Influence of Structure and Composition

F. Fayala, M. Hamdaoui, S. B. Nasrallah, and P. Perre


Flow in a Curved Porous Channel with a Rectangular Cross Section

A. A. Avramenko and A. V. Kuznetsov


Numerical Simulation of Mixed Convection in a Channel Irregularly Heated and Partially Filled with a Porous Medium

S. Jaballah, R. Bennacer, H. Sammouda, and A. Belghith


Conjugate Natural Convection in a Porous Enclosure Sandwiched by Finite Walls under Thermal Nonequilibrium Conditions

N. H. Saeid


Influence of Hall Current on Rotating Flow of a Burgers' Fluid through a Porous Space

T. Hayat, S. B. Khan, and M. Khan



Technical Notes:

Nonlinear Buoyant Convection in Mushy Layers during Alloy Solidification

B. S. Okhuysen and D. N. Riahi


Vortex Instability of Mixed Convection Boundary Layer Flow Adjacent to a Nonisothermal Horizontal Surface in a Porous Medium with Variable Permeability

A. M. Elaiw and F. S. Ibrahim