Journal of Porous Media

Volume 11, Number 6



Investigation of a Stochastic Model for Multiscale Dispersion in Porous Media

D. Kulasiri and S. Richards


Flow and Heat Transfer in a Cylinder with a Porous Medium Insert along the Compression Stroke

N. Zahi, A. Boughamoura, H. Dhahri, and S. Ben Nasrallah


Natural Convection Heat Transfer in an Inclined Porous Cavity under Time-Periodic Boundary Conditions with Positive/Negative Inclined Angles

G. Wang, Q. W. Wang, M. Zeng, and H. Ozoe


Entropy Generation for Pulsating Flow in a Composite System Fluid/Porous Medium

H. Dhahri, K. Slimi, and S. Ben Nasrallah


Rotation of a Solid Sphere in a Viscous Fluid Bounded by a Concentric Spherical Porous Medium

A. C. Srivastava and P. Saxena



Technical Notes:

An Analytic Solution of Water Transport in Unsaturated Porous Media

M. Nasseri, M. R. Shaghaghian, Y. Daneshbod, and H. Seyyedian


Three-Dimensional Free Convection Flow of a Viscous Fluid through a Nonhomogeneous Porous Medium

A. K. Singh