Journal of Porous Media

Volume 11, Number 8



Two-Phase Flow inside an Externally Heated Axisymmetric Porous Wick

Mandhapati P. Raju and James S. Tien


An Experimental Investigation on the Impact of Diffusion Osmosis, Chemical Osmosis, and Capillary Suction on Shale Alteration

T. M. Al-Bazali, J. Zhang, M. E. Chenevert, and M. M. Sharma


Role of Geometry of Capillary Bundles on Flow Reversal in Electrokinetic Soil Reclamation: A Comparative Study Based on the Microscopic Scale

Mario A. Oyanader, Pedro Arce, and Andrew Dzurik


Gravitactic Bioconvection in a Fluid-Saturated Porous Medium with Double Diffusion

Tri Nguyen-Quang, The Hung Nguyen, and Georges Lepalec


Use of Hes Homotopy Perturbation Method for Solving a Partial Differential Equation Arising in Modeling of Flow in Porous Media

Mehdi Dehghan and Fatemeh Shakeri



Technical Notes:

Experimental Study of the Influence of Gravity and Injected-Gas Flow Rate on Drainage in Two-Dimensional Porous Media

H. Ouerfelli, M. Najjari, Z. Baouab, and S. Ben Nasrallah


Prandtl Number Effects on Mixed Convection in a Lid-Driven Porous Cavity

P. Kandaswamy, M. Muthtamilselvan, and J. Lee