Journal of Porous Media

Volume 12, Number 1



Vascularized Smart Materials: Designed Porous Media for Self-Healing and Self-Cooling

Sylvie Lorente and Adrian Bejan


Modeling of Mass Dynamics in Arterial Drug-Eluting Stents

Giuseppe Pontrelli and Filippo de Monte


Influence of Geometry on Self-Diffusion of Liquid Molecules in Porous Media in Long Time Regime

V. V. Loskutov and V. A. Sevriugin


A Two-Temperature Model for Predicting Heat and Fluid Flow by Natural Convection and Radiation within a Saturated Porous Vertical Channel

K. Slimi


Thin-Film Flow of MHD Third Grade Fluid in a Porous Space

T. Hayat, G. Ahmed, and M. Sajid



Technical Notes:

Thermophoresis Particle Deposition: Natural Convection Interaction from Vertical Permeable Surfaces Embedded in a Porous Medium

Rebhi A. Damseh and H. M. Duwairi


Radiative Effects on Non-Darcy Natural Convection from a Heated Vertical Plate in Saturated Porous Media with Mass Transfer for Non-Newtonian Fluid

M. A. El-Hakiem