Journal of Porous Media

Volume 12, Number 11



Dynamic Compaction of Soft Compressible Porous Materials: Experiments on Air-Solid Phase Interaction

M. Al. Chidiac, P. Mirbod, Y. Andreopoulos, S. Weinbaum


Application of Soft Porous Materials to a High-Speed Train Track

P. Mirbod, Y. Andreopoulos, S. Weinbaum


Flow and Diffusion of Chemically Reactive Species over a Nonlinearly Stretching Sheet Immersed in a Porous Medium

S. Awang Kechil, I. Hashim


Effect of Porous Fraction and Interfacial Stress Jump on Skin Friction and Heat Transfer in Flow through a Channel Partially Filled with Porous Material

D. Bhargavi, V. V. Satyamurty, G. P. Raja Sekhar


Numerical Analysis of Natural Convection in Porous Cavities with Partial Convective Cooling Conditions

W. Pakdee, P. Rattanadecho



Technical notes


Criterion for Local Thermal Equilibrium in Forced Convection Flow through Porous Media

X. Zhang, W. Liu, Z. Liu


Analytic Solution for Free Convection in an Open Vertical Rectangular Duct Filled with a Porous Medium

C. Y. Wang


Homotopy Perturbation Method for general Form of Porous Medium Equation

J. Biazar, Z. Ayati, H. Ebrahimi