Journal of Porous Media

Volume 12, Number 12



Simulation and Characterization of High Porosity Media for Aerosol Particle Processing: A Numerical Study

A. Serrenho and A. F. Miguel


Analytical and Numerical Solution for One-Dimensional Two-Phase Flow in Homogenous Porous Medium

M. Benes, R. Fucik, J. Mikyska and T. H. Illangasekare


Nonlinear Instability of Two Superposed Electrified Bounded Fluids Streaming Through Porous Medium in (2+1)-Dimensions

M.F. El-Sayed, G. M. Moatimid, and T.M.N. Metwaly


Two-Dimensional Modeling of Transport Phenomena by the CVFE Method in Porous Cathode of a PEM Fuel Cell

F. Khemili, M. Najjari, N. Ben Khadher, and S. Ben Nasrollah


Characterization of Sewage Sludge Water Vapor Diffusivity in Low-Temperature Conductive Drying

R. Slim, A. Zoughaib, and D. Clodic




Technical notes


Darcian Flow with Heat and Mass Transfer through Lung Tissue under High-Frequency Ventilation

A. F. El-Sayed


Unsteady Natural Convection Flow over a Heated Cylinder Buried in a Fluid Saturated Porous Medium

M. Kumari and G. Nath


Numerical Study of a Desiccant Cooling Installation in Variable Climates

I. Mitmet, L. Zili-Ghedira, and S. Ben Nasrollah