Journal of Porous Media

Volume 12, Number 2



Electrodiffusive Transport in Charged Porous Media: From the Particle-Level Scale to the Macroscopic Scale Using Volume Averaging

Peter Pivonka, Guillermo A. Narsilio, Renmin Li, David W. Smith, and Bruce Gardiner


Wellbore Instability of Directional Wells in Laminated and Naturally Fractured Shales

Talal Al-Bazali, Jianguo Zhang, Chris Wolfe, Martin E. Chenevert, and Mukul M. Sharma


Performances of a Silica Gel Reactor within an Adsorption Cooling System

Leila Zili-Ghedira, Issam Mtimet, and Sassi Ben Nasrallah


Application of MRI in the Measurement of Two-Phase Flow of Supercritical Co2 and Water in Porous Rocks

Tetsuya Suekane, Naoto Furukawa, Shoji Tsushima, Shuichiro Hira, and Masanori Kiyota


Flow Characteristics in Open Channels with a Permeable Bed

Evangelos Keramaris and Panayotis Prinos



Technical Notes:

Study of Heat and Mass Transfer during Desorption in a Plane Adsorber: Anistrophy Effects

Abdelaziz Zegnani, Abdallah Mhimid, and Khalifa Slimi


MHD Stagnation Point Flow and Heat Transfer over a Permeable Surface through a Porous Space

T. Hayat, Z. Abbas, and T. Javed