Journal of Porous Media

Volume 12, Number 4



A Macroscopic Model for Countercurrent Bioheat Transfer in a Circulatory System

A.    Nakayama, F. Kuwahara, and W. Liu


The Role of Micropores Structure in Conductive and Convective Heat Transfer within Porous Media

Mahsa Dabagh, Payman Jalali, and Pertti Sarkomaa


Mathematical Modeling of Transport of Aerosol Particles in a Shredded Porous Medium

Mohammad S. Saidi


A Deviation from Darcy’s Law due to Unsaturated Flow in Dual-Scale Porous Media

Murthy S. Munagavalasa and Krishna M. Pillai


Technical notes

Stokes Flow Past a Swarm of Deformed Porous Spheroidal Particles with Happel Boundary Condition

Satya Deo


Start-Up Flow in a Channel or Pipe Occupied by a Fluid-Saturated Porous Medium

A. A. Avramenko and A. V. Kuznetsov


Mathematical Modeling of Heat Transfer to a Cylindrical Solid Immersed in a Fluidized Bed of Small Particles

M. Ashtari, N. Malekinejad, and M. S. Hatamipour


Mathematical Modeling to Estimate the Critical Oil Flow Rate for Sand Production Onset in the Mansouri Oil Field with a Stabilized Element Method

A. Kohandel Shirazi, D. Mowla, and F. Esmaeilzadeh