Journal of Porous Media

Volume 12, Number 6



Hydrocarbon Recovery from Porous Media Using Supercritical Fluid Extraction

Ali H. Al-Marzouqi, Abdulrazag Y. Zekri, Adel A. Azzam, and Ali Dowaidar


Solute Exclusionary Properties of Porous Shale Wafers

Peter G. Oduor, X. T. Santos, and F. X. Casey


Numerical Study of Chemically Reactive Buoyancy Driven Heat and Mass Transfer across a Horizontal Cylinder in a High Porosity Non Darcian Regime

Joaquin Zueco, O. Anwar Beg, T. A. Beg, and H. S. Takhar


Propagation of Sound Waves in a Cylindrical Tube Filled with a Porous Medium

Hamzeh M. Duwairi, and Hazim M. Dwairi


Ion Transport during Drying in a Porous Medium under High External Relative Humidity Conditions

N. Sghaier, M. Prat, and S. Ben Nasrallah


Technical notes


Kinetic Adsorption of Water and Carbon Dioxide in Zeolites

F. Mhiri, A. Jemni, and S. Ben Nasrallah


Optimal Experiment Design and Measurement of the Effective Thermal Conductivity of a Porous Medium in the Presence of Free Convection

Sami Znaidia, Fethi Albouchi, Foued Mzali, Abdelmajid Jemni, and Sassi Ben Nasrallah


Mathematical Model to Simulate Gas-Oil Gravity Drainage in a Naturally Fractured Oil Wet Reservoir

F. H. Boukadi, M. Sahraoui, A. Barhoumi, and A. Seibi