Journal of Porous Media

Volume 12, Number 7



Conduction-Natural Convection in a Partitioned Triangular Enclosure Filled with Fluid Saturated Porous Media

Y. Varol, H. F. Oztop, I. Pop


Discretization and Solver Methods with Analytical Characteristics Methods for Advection-Diffusion Reaction Equations and 2D Applications

J. Geiser


Modeling Heat and Mass Transfer during Superheated Steam Drying of a Fixed Bed of Porous Particles

J. Sghaier, S. Messai, W. Jomaa, A. Belghith


Forced Convection with Counterflow in a Circular Tube Occupied by a Porous Medium

A. V. Kuznetsov, D. A. Nield


A Nonlinear Stability Analysis for Thermoconvective Magnetized Ferrofluid with Magnetic-Field-Dependent Viscosity Saturating a Porous Medium

D. Sunil, P. Sharma, A. Mahajan


Technical notes


Numerical Investigation of Nonaqueous Phase Liquid Behavior at Heterogeneous Sand Layers Using Voda Multiphase Flow Code

J. Mikyska, M. Benes


Reduction and Solutions for Magnetohydrodynamic Flow of a Siskko Fluid in a Porous Medium

H. Mambili-Mamboundou, M. Khan, T. Hayat, F. M. Mahomed


Natural Convection from a Horizontal Annulus Filled with Porous Medium of Variable Permeability

T. K. Aldoss