Journal of Porous Media

Volume 12, Number 9



Roughness Effects on Squeeze Film Characteristics of Porous Circular Plates Lubricated with Couple Stress Fluid

N. M. Bujurke, D. P. Basti, R. B. Kundenatti


Crank-Nicolson Galerkin Model for Nonlinearly Coupled Macrophase and Microphase Transport in the Subsurface

A. M. Mayenna and M. A. Hossain


Modeling, Optimization and Simulation for Chemical Vapor Deposition

j. Geiser and M. Arab


Magnetohydrodynamic Peristaltic Pumping through Uniform Tube with Porous Peripheral Layer and Hall Currents

N. T. M. Eldabe, M.F. El-Sayed, A. Y. Ghaly, H. M. Sayed


Numerical Modeling of Coil Compaction in the Treatment of Cerebral Aneurysms Using Porous Media Theory

k. Khanafer, R. Berguer, M. Schlicht, J. Bull



Technical notes


Flow and Heat Transfer of an Unsteady MHD Axisymmetric Flow in a Porous Medium Due to a Stretching Sheet

M. Sajid Qureshi, I. Ahmad, T. Hayat, M. Ayub


Unsteady boundary Layer Flow Due to a Stretching Sheet in a Porous Medium with Partial Slip

M. Sajid Qureshi, I. Ahmad, T. Hayat


Exact Solutions for the Accelerated Flows of a Generalized Second Grade Fluid Between Two Side Walls Perpendicular to the plate

M. Khan