Journal of Porous Media

Volume 14, Number 1






1-D Mathematical Modeling of Hydrate Decomposition in Porous Media by Depressurization and Thermal Stimulation

F. Esmaeilzadeh, M.E. Zeighami, & J.F. Kaljahi


Chamber Length and Injection-Slot Location and Multiple Slots for Tapered Resin-Injection Pultrusion

R. Mitlapalli, J.A. Roux, & A.L. Jeswani


On the Algebraic and Differential Forms of Darcy’s Equation

W.G. Gray & C.T. Miller


Dynamic Compression of Soft Porous Media: From Finite to Infinite Domain

R. Crawford, R. Nathan, K.-P. Jen, & Q. Wu




Effects of Soret and Dufour Numbers on Free Convection over Isothermal and Adiabatic Stretching Surfaces Embedded in Porous Media

A.M. Aly, M.A. Mansour, & A. Chamkha


Unsteady Buoyancy-Driven Thermal Convection in a Non-Darcian Porous Medium Vertical Channel with Asymmetric Heating/Cooling

J. Zueco, O.A. Bég, & H.S. Takhar


Nonlinear Forchheimer Effect on the Forced Convection in Porous-Saturated Ducts of a Rectangular Cross Section

F.T. Akyildiz & D.A. Siginer