Journal of Porous Media

Volume 14, Number 2






The Influence of Pore Geometry on Flow Instability and Pore-Scale Displacement Mechanisms of Dilute Surfactant Flooding in Mixed-Wet Porous Media

B.Y. Jamaloei & R. Kharrat


Modeling of Cement Suspension Flow in Fine Sands in the Presence of Particle Filtration

F. Bouchelaghem


Gas/Solid Heat Transfers in Gas Flows Under Klinkenberg Conditions: Comparison between the Homogenization and the Kinetic Approaches

V. Pavan & J. Chastanet


Simulation of Long-Term Fate of CO2 in the Sand of Utsira

S.K. Khattri, G.E. Fladmark, H. Hellevang, & B. Kvamme



Mathematical Modeling of a Packed Bed Drying with Humid Air and Superheated Steam

S. Messai, J. Sghaier, & A. Belghith


Effect of Couple Stresses on the Steady Flow of a Second Grade Fluid through the Porous Medium

M. Sajid