Journal of Porous Media

Volume 14, Number 3





Optimum Porous Insert Configurations for Enhanced Heat Transfer in Channels

D. Bhargavi & V.V. Satyamurty


A New Constrained Constitutive Equation for Unsaturated Flows of Incompressible Liquids through Rigid Porous Media

M.L. Martins-Costa & R.M. Saldanha da Gama


Numerical Modeling of Contaminant Transport in Fractured Porous Media Using Mixed

Finite-Element and Finite-Volume Methods

C. Dong, S. Sun, & G.A. Taylor


Permeability Prediction of Porous Media with Variable Porosity by Investigation of Stokes

Flow over Multi-Particles

M.R. Shahnazari & A. Vahabikashi




Effect of Couple Stresses on a Pulsatile MHD Biviscosity Fluid Flow with Heat and Mass

Transfer through a Non-Darcy Porous Medium between Two Permeable Parallel Plates

A.A.A. Hassan & A.A.E. Mohammed


Heat Transfer in Boundary Layer Flow Past a Curved Surface in a Saturated Porous

Medium with Variable Permeability

A.A. Mohammadein & N.A. Al-Shear


Magnetohydrodynamic Flow of a Bi-Viscosity Fluid through Porous Medium in a Layer

of Deformable Material

N.T.M. Eldabe, G. Saddeek, & K.A.S. Elagamy