Journal of Porous Media

Volume 15, Number 11






Mixed Convection Flow in a Vertical Porous Channel with Boundary Conditions of the Third Kind with Heat Source/Sink

J.C. Umavathi, J.P. Kumar, & J. Sultana


Analytical Determination of the Permeability for Slow Flow Past Periodic Arrays of Cylinders with Different Cross Sections

A.C. Baytas, D. Erdem, H. Acar, O. Cetiner, & H. Bascl


Measurement of the Chemical Potential of a Liquid in Porous Media

J-C. Benet, A. Ramirez-Martinez, F. Ouedraogo, & F. Cherblanc


Solute Dispersion between Two Parallel Plates Containing Porous and Fluid Layers

J.P. Kumar, J.C. Umavathi, A.J. Chamkha, & A. Basawaraj





Analytical Solution of Unsteady MHD Periodic Flow of a Non-Newtonian Fluid through a Porous Channel

A. Taklifi & A. Aliabadi


A Novel Two-Parameter Relative Permeability Model

E. Ghoodjani & S.H. Bolouri


The Dispersion on Peristaltic Flow of Micropolar Fluid in a Porous Medium

H. Alemayehu & G. Radhakrishnamacharya