Journal of Porous Media

Volume 15, Number 12






Stokes's First Problem for a Rotating Sisko Fluid with Porous Space

T. Hayat, S. Abelman, C. Harley,& A. Hendi


Stability and Width of Reaction Fronts in 3-D Porous Media



Slow Steady Rotation of a Porous Sphere in a Spherical Container

D. Srinivasacharya &M. Krishna Prasad


Experimental Investigation of Wettability Effect and Drainage Rate on Tertiary Oil Recovery from Fractured Media

P. Maroufi, H. Rehmanifard, H.K. Al-Hadrami, M. Escrochi, S. Ayatollahi, &A. Jahanmiri


Flow of a Viscous Fluid through Different Porous Structures Embedded in Porous Medium

P. Saxena &L. Kumar


An Analytical Stress-Strain Model for Open-Cell Metal Foam

S. Yishi &G. Xiaolu





Effect of Rotation on the Onset of Convection in Walters's (Model B') Fluid Heated from Below in a Darcy-Brinkman Porous Medium

G.C. Rana, S.K. Kango, &S. Kumar


Lie Group Analysis of Radiation Natural Convection Flow over an Inclined Surface in a Porous Medium with Internal Heat Generation

M. Bhuvaneswari, S. Sivasankaran, &Y.J. Kim