Journal of Porous Media

Volume 15, Number 2






A numerical Comparative Study of Various Flooding Techniques in Hydrocarbon Reservoirs

H. Naderan,M.T.Manzari&S.K.Hannani


The Role of Porous Media in Modeling Fluid Flow with in Hollow Fiber Membranes of the Total Artificial Lung

K. Khanafer,K.Cook&A.Marafie


Modified Transport Equations for the Three-Phase Flow of Immiscible, Incompressible Fluids through Water-Wet Porous Media

R.G. Bentsen&J.J.Trivedi


Flow Subjected to a Porous Block: Influence of Body Aspect Ratio on Entropy Generation Rate

S.Z. Shuja&B.S.Yilbas


A Generalized Stochastic Solute Transport Model for Multiscale Dispersion in Porous Media

D. Kulasiri,H.Ling&S.Samarasinghe





Comprehensive Modeling of Complex Petroleum Phenomena with an Engineering Approach

M.E. Hossain


Second Law Analysis for Combined Convection in Non-Newtonian Fluids over a Vertical Wedge Embedded in a Porous Medium

R.S.R. Gorla, A.Chamkha,W.A.Khan,&P.V.S.N.Murthy


Viscous Flow Past an Array of Longitudinal Cylinders Embedded in a Porous Medium

C.Y. Wang