Journal of Porous Media

Volume 15, Number 3






Unsteady Fluid Dynamics Flow and Heat Transfer in Cross Flow over a Heated Cylinder Embedded in a Porous Medium

L.B. Younis& A.A.Mohamad


Numerical Simulation of Free Fall and Controlled Gravity Drainage Processes in Porous Media

S. Zendehboudi, A.Shafiei, I.Chatzis,& M.B.Dusseault


Nano fluid Bioconvection in Porous Media: Oxytactic Microorganisms

A.V. Kuznetsov


Small Nield Number Convection in a Porous Layer Heated from Below via a Constant Heat Flux and Subject to Lack of Local Equilibrium

P. Vadasz





Thermal Radiation Effects on Magneto-hydrodynamic Heat and Mass Transfer from a Horizontal Cylinder in a Variable Porosity Regime

V.R. Prasad, B.Vasu, O.A.Beg,& D.R.Parshad


Quasi-Static Deformation caused by Long Tensile Dislocation in an Elastic Half-Space in Welded Contact with a Poroelastic Half-Space

R. Kumar, S.Rani,& S.J.Singh


Suction and Blowing Effects on Unsteady Flow and Heat Transfer through Porous Media with Variable Viscosity

S. Husnain, A.Mehmood, O.A.Beg,& A.Ali