Journal of Porous Media

Volume 15, Number 4






Numerical Simulation of Drying a Porous Material using the Lattice Boltzmann Method

H. Shokouhmand, S. Hosseini, & V. Abdollahi


Gas Expansion-Induced Acceleration Effect in High-Pressure Gas Flows near a Wellbore

Y. Jin, K.P. Chen, M. Chen, & N. Grapsas


Heat and Mass Transfer in Reactive Porous Media with Local Nonequilibrium Conditions

A. Bousri, K. Bouhadef, H. Beji, R. Bennacer, & R. Nebbali


Effects of Fracture Properties on the Behavior of Free-Fall and Controlled Gravity Drainage Processes

S. Zendehboudi, N. Rezaei, & I. Chatzis




Quantum Effects on the Rayleigh-Taylor Instability of Stratified Fluid/Plasma through Brinkman Porous Media

G.A. Hoshoudy


Natural Convection Heat Transfer in a Porous Cavity in the Presence of a Biochemical Heat Source which is Dependent on Solute Concentration Generation Rate

M.H. Kayhani, M. Nazari, & E. Shakeri


Magnetohydrodynamic Casson Fluid Flow with Heat and Mass Transfer through a Porous Medium over a Stretching Sheet

H.M. Shawky