Journal of Porous Media

Volume 15, Number 5






Free Convection across a Bi-layered and Inclined Porous Cavity Submitted to Nonsymmetrical Heating

Y. Ould-Amer & R. Bennacer


Experimental Study of Miscible Displacement with Hydrocarbon Solvent in Shaly Heavy Oil Reservoirs Using Five-Spot Micromodels: The Role of Shale Geometrical Characteristics

S. Mohammadi, M.H. Ghazanfari, M. Masihi, & R. Kharrat


Porous Screen Applied in Liquid Acquisition Device Channel and CFD Simulation of Flow in the Channel

J.B. McQuillen, D.J. Chato, B.J. Motil, M.P. Doherty, D.F. Chao, & N.Zhang


Simulation of Salinity- and Thermohaline-Driven Flow in Fractured Porous Media

A. Grillo, M. Lampe, D. Logashenko, S. Stichel, & G. Wittum


Two-Phase Modeling of Heat and Mass Transfer in Packed Bed Absorbers: Implications for Process Design

D.J. Diamantis, J.G. Georgiadis, & D.A. Goussis





Conjugate Heat Transfer between Free Convection in Porous Medium and Forced Convection

M. Mosaad


Numerical Analysis of Mass Transfer on the Melting Phenomenon from a Vertical Plate in a Liquid-Saturated Porous Medium

W.T. Cheng & C.H. Lin


Effect of Double Diffusion on Centrifugal Filtration Convection

S. Saravanan & S. Keerthana