Journal of Porous Media

Volume 15, Number 6






The Interaction between Diesel Sprays and Porous Media: Effect of Medium Pore Density and Injection Pressure

N. Shahangian & J. Ghojel


A Porous Model for the Interpretation of Mercury Porosimetry Tests

E. Rojas, M. de la Luz Pérez-Rea, G. Gallegos, & J.Leal


Numerical and Experimental Study of Convective Heat Transfer in a Vertical Porous Channel using a Non-Equilibrium Model

W. Foudhil, B. Dhifaoui, S. Ben Jabrallah, A. Belghith, & J.P. Corriou


A Study of High Reynolds Number Pipe Flows with Porous Inserts

J.C.F. Pereira, I. Malico, T.C. Hayashi, & J.M.F. Raposo





Natural Convection Heat Transfer in a Horizontal Concentric Elliptic Annulus Containing Saturated Porous Media

R.Y. Sakr & N.S. Berbish


Natural Convection Boundary Layer Flow past a Flat Plate of Finite Dimensions

M. Jana, S. Das, S.L. Maji, R.N. Jana, & S.K. Ghosh


Effect of Anisotropy on Natural Convective Flow through a Rectangular Porous Slab

P. Chandra & V.V. Satyamurty