Journal of Porous Media

Volume 15, Number 8






Comparison of Two Permeation Test Benches and Two Determination Methods for Darcy's and Forchheimer's Permeabilities

N. Gascoin, G. Fau, P. Gillard, M. Kuhn, M. Bouchez, & J. Steelant


Time Dependence of Free Fall Gravity Drainage in Unconsolidated Sand

S. Iglauer & A. Muggeridge


Adequacy of Surface Diffusion Models to Simulate Nonequilibrium Mass Transfer in Soils

N. Hasan & Md.A. Hossain


Analytical Study of Linear and Nonlinear Double Diffusive Convection in a Rotating Anisotropic Porous Layer with Soret Effect

S. N. Gaikwad & S. Kouser





Double Diffusive Convection in a Porous Cavity Near its Density Maximum

M. Muthtamilselvan & M.K. Das


A General Formula for Capillary Suction¨CPressure in Porous Media

R. Masoodi & K.M. Pillai


Feedback Control of Flows in a Porous Square Enclosure having Nonuniform Internal Heating

H. Saleh, Z. Mustafa, I. Hashim, & R.Roslan


Numerical Simulation of Transient Moisture Transport for Hygroscopic Inertia Assessment

N. M.M. Ramos, A.S. Kalagasidis, V.P. de Freitas, & J.M.P.Q. Delgado