Journal of Porous Media

Volume 16, Number 1






Non-Darcy and Localized Heating Effects on Benard Convection in Porous Enclosure

H. Saleh& I.Hashim


Explaining Longitudinal Hydrodynamic Dispersion Using Variance of Pore Size Distribution

J.L. Arriaza& T.A. Ghezzehei


PIV Measurements over a Permeable and an Impermeable Bed

E. Keramaris & G. Pechlivanidis


An Analytical Expression for the Dispersion Coefficient in Porous Media Using ChangĄ¯s Unit Cell

H.D. Lugo-Mendez, F.J. Valdes-Parada, & J.A.Ochoa-Tapia


Conjugate Heat Transfer in Metal Foam: Gravity Driven and Forced Flow Heat Exchange Coefficients Determination

J.-M. Hugo,E. Brun, F. Topin, & L.Tadrist


The Effects of Variable Viscosity on the Peristaltic Flow of Non-Newtonian Fluid through a Porous Medium in an Inclined Channel with Slip Boundary Conditions

A.A. Khan, R. Ellahi, & M.Usman


Entropy Generation for Pulsating Flow in a Cylinder Filled with Porous Media Including Viscous Dissipation Effects

H. Dhahri, A. Boughamoura, &S.Ben Nasrallah