Journal of Porous Media

Volume 16, Number 11






Mixed Convection on a Permeable Stretching Cylinder with Prescribed Surface Heat Flux in Porous Medium with Heat Generation or Absorption

S. Khalili, A. Khalili, S. Kafashian, & A. Abbassi


Conjugated Natural Convection in Horizontal Annuli Partially Filled with Metallic Foams by using Two-Equation Model

Z.G. Qu, H.J. Xu, & W.Q. Tao


Three-Dimensional Numerical Simulation of a Three-Layered Radiant Porous Heat Exchanger with Variable Gas Properties

M. Sajedi, S.A.G. Nassab, & E.J. Javaran


On a Linearization Method for MHD Flow past a Rotating Disk in Porous Medium with Cross-Diffusion and Hall Effects

A.A. Khidir & P. Sibanda


Determination of Unsaturated Hydraulic Properties using Drainage Gravity Test and Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm

T. Lazrag, M. Kacem, Ph. Dubujet, J. Sghaier, & A. Bellagi


Some Basic Results in Nonlinear Theory of Dipolar Porous Materials

M. Marin & G. Stan


Grain Size Effects on Effective Thermal Conductivity of Porous Materials with Internal Thermal Contact Resistance

M. Wang, X. Wang, J. Wang, & N. Pan


Modeling of Laminar Forced Convection Heat Transfer in Packed Beds with Pebbles of Arbitrary Geometry

Y. Hadad & K. Jafarpur