Journal of Porous Media

Volume 16, Number 12






Instability of Hydromagnetic Fluids Streaming in a Porous Medium with Suspended Dust Particles

P.K. Sharma, A. Tiwari, & R.K. Chhajlani


A Study of Configurations of Clay-Glass Beads Mixture to Determine the Influence of Composition and Compaction Pressure on the Retention of Nitrate

A.W. Wamono, & P.G. Oduor


Steady Solute Dispersion in Composite Porous Medium between Two Parallel Plates

J.P. Kumar, J.C. Umavathi, & A.J. Chamkha


Mixed Convection of Micropolar Fluids in a Vertical Wavy Channel Saturated with Porous Media

K.Y. Hung, T.H. Hsu, & J.W. Lin


Heatline Visualization of Conjugate Heat Transfer in Square Porous Enclosure

H. Saleh & I. Hashim


Analysis of the Cylindrical Magnetic Couette Flow in a Radially Magnetized Thin Porous

K.-F. Lin & J.C. Leong