Journal of Porous Media

Volume 16, Number 4






Variational Iteration Method for Thermal Diffusion and Diffusion Thermo Effects of Thixotropic Fluid through Biological Tissues with Laser Radiation Existence

A.F. Elsaed


Conjugate Natural Convection in an Open-Ended Porous Square Cavity

H. Saleh & I. Hashim


Pulsating Flow of an Incompressible Micropolar Fluid between Permeable Beds with an Imposed Uniform Magnetic Field

T.K.V. Iyengar& P. Bitla


Thermo-Diffusion and Diffusion-Thermo Effects on Free Convection Flow past a Horizontal Circular Cylinder in a Non-Darcy Porous Medium

V.R. Prasad, B. Vasu, & O.A. Beg


Pulsatile Flow in a Cylindrical Tube with Porous Walls: Applications to Blood Flow

A. Tiwari &S. Deo


Series Solution for Convective-Radiative Porous Fin Using Differential Transformation Method

M. Torabi &H. Yaghoobi


Invasion of Pressurized Clay Suspensions into Granular Soil

A.M. Talmon, D.R. Mastbergen, & M. Huisman


Implications of Placing a Porous Block in a Mixed-Convection Heat-Transfer, Lid-Driven Cavity Heated from Below

A.M. AlAmiri