Journal of Porous Media

Volume 16, Number 8






Assessment of X-Ray Micro-CT Measurements of Porosity and Solute Concentration Distributions during Diffusion in Porous Geologic Media

H.M.D. Agbogun, E.M.A. Hussein, & T.A. Al


Experimental Investigation of Two-Phase Mist Flow and Heat Transfer in Porous Media

M. Nikian, H. Shokouhmand, M. Khayat,& A. Mohammadzadeh


Effect of Porosity and FLR Corrections on Jeans Instability of Self-Gravitating Radiative Thermally Conducting Viscous Plasma

S. Kaothekar, & R.K. Chhajlani


Effects of Porous Internal Components on Liquid Slosh Dynamics

A. Kumar & K.P. Sinhamahapatra


Time-Dependent Flow in a Composite Channel with Heat Transfer

M. Nasir, S. Munawar, & A. Ali


Effect of Radiation on Mixed Convection along Vertical Cylinder with Uniform Surface Heat Flux in a Porous Medium

W.A. Khan, M.M. Imran, & Q. Ali





Effects of Slip on Pulsating Flow of an Incompressible Micropolar Fluid through a Porous Medium between Two Parallel Plates

P. Bitla & T.K.V. Iyengar